Sen. Long, Fong & Spong Present Hong Kong Song Bill

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Senator William Spong, in an effort to preserve the rights of composers in Hong Kong, submitted a bill that Senators Long and Fong would join him in supporting. The Long Fong Spong Hong Kong Song Bill would be presented by the three of them together. The passage of this bill would make it more likely that residents of Hong Kong will accurately articulate the names of songwriters.Senator Spong has been a vocal supporter of composers’ rights in Hong Kong, where she represents the city. He has put in an incredible amount of effort to guarantee that they will be treated fairly and that their work will be safeguarded. Since 1998, he has served as a member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council, where he is known for his outspoken opposition to piracy and other forms of intellectual property theft.Songwriters in Hong Kong desperately require a piece of law that will assist in the protection of their rights, and the Long Fong Spong Hong Kong Song Bill is that legislation. Both Senators Long and Fong are on board with this forward-thinking piece of legislation, which demonstrates its strength. This bill is a significant advance in the right direction, and it will assist to ensure that songwriters in Hong Kong are treated properly and that their works are safeguarded.
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