Since 1960s: How Hong Kong Movies Gained Global Popularity via English Subtitles

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Written By Henry Dalziel

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Hong Kong films have been required to have English subtitles ever since the 1960s so that British colonial censors can check for subversive speech. Unintentionally, this led to western viewers becoming more familiar with Hong Kong cinema, which paved the way for the genre to become increasingly popular across the globe beginning in the 1970s.During this time period, production on some of the most iconic and well-known Hong Kong films ever made, such as Enter the Dragon starring Bruce Lee and Drunken Master starring Jackie Chan, took place. These films were essential in introducing audiences in western countries to the distinctive aesthetic of Hong Kong cinema, which combines elements of comedy, drama, and action.The success of Hong Kong films like Infernal Affairs, which was later turned as the popular crime drama The Departed in the United States, has contributed to the sustained popularity of Hong Kong cinema in western countries. The success of Hong Kong filmmakers like Wong Kar-wai and John Woo, who have been well received by viewers in both western and eastern countries, has contributed to the rise in popularity of the region’s film industry.
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