Sir Runrunshaw: 6K Schools Donated To China, Age 107

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Hong Kong media billionaire Sir Run Run Shaw, who died at the age of 107, funded more than 6,000 schools and educational facilities across mainland China. He was affluent and was born in 1907 in Ningbo, China. His mother was a philanthropist and his father was a prosperous businessman. Sir Run Run Shaw received his education in Shanghai and Hong Kong before attending Cambridge University in England to further his education.In the 1930s, Sir Run Run Shaw co-founded the Shaw Brothers Studio, which grew to be one of the biggest film studios in Asia, and thus began his career in the media. The studio created a large number of well-liked Chinese films, such as musicals and martial arts flicks. One of the biggest television networks in Hong Kong, Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), was also established by Sir Run Run Shaw.Sir Run Run Shaw was a philanthropist who gave millions of dollars to charity causes in addition to his work in the media. He had a special interest in education and gave money to help China build libraries and schools. He also provided Chinese students with scholarships for study overseas. In 1977, Queen Elizabeth II knighted Sir Run Run Shaw, and in 1985, she bestowed upon him the Order of the British Empire.
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