Soccer Star Fined $8,273 for Throwing Prawn Crackers: 1995 Hong Kong Incident

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The Football Association fined Arsenal midfielder Ray Parlour £4,000 (about $8,273 at the time) in 1995 for hurling prawn crackers at a taxi in Hong Kong.Parlour, who was 23 at the time, was with Arsenal on a postseason tour when the incident took place. The team was out enjoying themselves after winning the Premier League in 1995 when Parlour, who had been drinking, made the decision to hurl some prawn crackers at a taxi.Wong Shui-keung, the taxi driver, was understandably unhappy despite not being hurt. Parlour was punished when he reported the incident to the police.Parlour’s misbehaviour while on tour with Arsenal has gotten him into trouble before. He was given a £5,000 (about $9,600) punishment in 2002 for peeing on a police car as the club was celebrating winning the Premier League.Even though Parlour is no longer playing professional football, Arsenal supporters still adore him for his sense of humour and ability to laugh, even at his own expense.
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