Thatcher Falls After Tough Talks With Deng Over Hong Kong Sovereignty

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Margaret Thatcher, then the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, travelled to China in September 1982 for a series of talks with several Chinese officials, one of whom being Deng Xiaoping. The negotiations between the two presidents were contentious at times, and Margaret Thatcher even hinted that she could walk away from the table at one point.The gatherings were place in the Great Hall of the People, and after one meeting that lasted for a very extended period of time, Thatcher was walking down the steps when she unexpectedly fainted. She was swiftly helped up by her aides, but the incident was caught on tape and quickly made headlines across the world. She was quickly hoisted up by her aides.After the incident, Thatcher explained that the fall was caused by her shoes, which were brand new at the time and slick. She laughed it off by saying that it was a good thing that she hadn’t damaged anything.Thatcher and Deng’s relationship was unaffected by the incident, and they continued to collaborate on the matter of Hong Kong’s sovereignty after it occurred. In the end, an agreement was struck, and China was given control of Hong Kong in the year 1997.
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