There Are Entire Dormitory Towns For Housing Rich Hong Kong Businessmen’s Mistresses

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It is not unusual for affluent businessmen in China to keep mistresses in addition to their wives. In point of fact, entire dormitory towns have been constructed solely for the purpose of sheltering these mistresses. The mistresses are typically young women of stunning beauty, and their affluent donors shower them with lavish attention and care.The custom of affluent men in China keeping mistresses extends back generations, and it is viewed as a method for these men to have pleasure in the company of attractive women. Mistresses are often perceived as a form of companionship. In most cases, the mistresses have a high level of education and hail from respectable backgrounds. They are frequently showered with costly presents and allowances, and they are provided with opulent housing accommodations.In most cases, the mistresses are expected to be available at all times of the day and night, and they are prohibited from having any communication with their own families. They are also forbidden from getting married.Even while keeping mistresses is not technically a crime in China, many people look down their noses at the practice. The wives of the businessmen frequently harbor resentment toward their husbands’ mistresses since the mistresses are frequently perceived as a sign of the money and power of their patrons.The lives of the mistresses are frequently very desolate and solitary, and they frequently have to contend with the jealously of the spouses of the men who support them financially.In spite of the difficulties, the institution of having mistresses can still be found in practice in China today. Mistresses are frequently considered as a symbol of social rank, and as a result, their affluent donors lavishly take care of them.
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