Celeb Tutors in Hong Kong Get $3M a Year: Popular Private Tutors Not Teaching Celebs

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Having a celebrity tutor is widespread in Hong Kong. They can earn up to $3 million per year. This is due to a strong demand for private tutors and a low supply. Parents are willing to spend top cash for the greatest instructors since competition for places in premier schools is tough.Historically, Hong Kong’s education system was modelled on the British system. However, with China’s takeover in 1997, the school system began to alter. The Chinese government implemented a new curriculum that emphasised Chinese language and culture. This put parental pressure on their children to excel in both systems.As the need for private teachers grew, so did the prices they could charge. Celebrities were able to collect hefty fees because they were perceived to possess the required expertise to assist children in succeeding.Celebrity teachers are popular in Hong Kong, but they are not the only choice. Many private tutors are not celebrities, but they are very skilled and experienced. Before making a decision, parents should explore all options.
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