Transforming a Tiny Hong Kong Apartment Into a Home: An Architect’s Story

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Written By Henry Dalziel

I've been living and working in Hong Kong since 2016 as an SEO Professional.

A Hong Kong architect can transform a 300 square foot flat into an incredibly functional home. Hong Kong’s utilisation of space is extremely efficient, with the bulk of houses being compact apartments. Despite their diminutive size, these dwellings are extremely useful.The utilisation of space in Hong Kong residences has been refined over time. The first flats in Hong Kong were built in the early twentieth century, when the city was becoming increasingly densely populated. Architects have been continually inventing since then to make the most of the restricted area provided.The usage of multi-functional furniture is an important component in Hong Kong flat design. Many pieces of furniture, such as a bed that serves as a sofa or a table that folds into the wall, serve numerous functions. This provides for a considerably more efficient use of space, allowing even the smallest apartments to be extremely functional.The use of natural light is another key component of Hong Kong flat design. Many apartments have huge windows with abundant of light, as well as skylights and other openings that serve to brighten the interior. As a result, even the tiniest apartments can feel light and expansive. Apartments in Hong Kong are among the most inventive and functional in the world. Even the smallest flats can be quite liveable thanks to the utilisation of space-saving furniture and natural light.
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