Travel Around Asia on Ah1: Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, India & More

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The AH1 is a highway that runs through ten different nations in Asia, including Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. The highway has a total length of over 16,000 kilometers and connects with Route E80 in Europe. The AH1 is the highway with the greatest length in the entire planet.The AH1 was initially constructed in the 1950s with the purpose of connecting Japan and Korea. In the 1960s, the highway was extended all the way to Hong Kong, and then in the 1970s, it was expanded to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Iran. In order to get from one of these countries to another, millions of people have taken the AH1 highway.The AH1 has been a significant contributor to the rapid economic growth seen across Asia. The highway has made it more simpler to carry both commodities and people between the two countries. During the Soviet-Afghan War, the Soviet Union utilized the AH1 for military objectives, specifically for the purpose of transporting troops from one location to another.The AH1 is consistently ranked as one of the world’s most hazardous highways. The roadway frequently has heavy traffic, which contributes to the high number of accidents that occur there. Additionally, there are occasions when the route is closed owing to political upheaval in the nations that it travels through.
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