Visiting HK: 19 Cigarettes Max

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The British colonial authority in Hong Kong enacted a regulation that limited the amount of opium that could be brought into the territory in the year 1891. This was done in reaction to the rising number of Chinese immigrants who were dependent on the substance. The law did not prohibit the selling of opium, but it did require that all opium smokers register with the government and that they only obtain their supplies from dealers who were authorized to do so.In the year 1900, the British government enacted a new rule that established even more stringent regulations regarding the opium that may be brought into Hong Kong. Opium use was recognized as a significant issue by the colonial authority, so the colonial government enacted this rule to discourage opium use among the Chinese population.The British colonial authority in Hong Kong issued a rule in 1925 that made it unlawful to bring opium into the territory. This law was enacted with the intention of putting a stop to the importation of illegal narcotics into the colony.In 1930, the government of Britain enacted a legislation that restricted the amount of cigarettes an individual may import to no more than 19. This law was enacted with the intention of lowering the number of people who smoke in Hong Kong.Even in modern times, a maximum of 19 cigarettes can be brought into Hong Kong by any one individual. This law is intended to bring the number of smokers in Hong Kong down to a more manageable level.
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