Wikipe-Tan: Wikimedia Hong Kong’s Anime Mascot for Functions & Promos

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Wikipe-tan is the unofficial anime mascot of Wikipedia, and Wikimedia Hong Kong has used him in the past for various events and campaigns. Her name is a portmanteau of the words Wikipedia and tan, which is a Japanese honorific that is used for young girls. She was established in 2004 by a Japanese user of Wikipedia, and her name is a combination of both phrases. Wikipe-tan is most commonly shown as a young woman in her adolescent years, with long brown hair, who is donning a blue skirt and a white top. She is frequently seen with either a book or a laptop in her hand, and she is occasionally seen with a pet cat.Wikipe-tan is now a well-known figure in the world of the internet, and his likeness can be seen in a wide variety of works that have been created by fans, such as artwork, videos, and even cosplay. In 2006, she was depicted on a set of postage stamps that were issued in Japan. A Wikipe-tan cosplay event was conducted in Yokohama in 2007, and a Wikipe-tan cafe debuted in Tokyo in 2008. Both of these events took place in Japan.Because of Wikipe-tan’s widespread appeal, other websites and online communities have begun developing characters that are strikingly similar to him. In 2006, the website 4chan came up with its very own mascot and gave it the name moot. This was done as a tribute to Wikipe-tan. In 2010, the platform for sharing videos, YouTube, introduced its own unofficial mascot called Peanutbutterjelly, which was modeled by the character Wikipe-tan.
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