World’s Oldest Marathon Runner: 89-Year-Old Beats Son’s Tragic Death and Depression

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A man began running at the age of 89 to treat his depression after his son was killed in front of him. He raced the Hong Kong Marathon in 1:32:28 as the world’s oldest marathon runner just before turning 102.Fauja Singh was born in 1911 in India. After his wife and son died, he relocated to England in his late 80s. He began running to relieve his depression at that point.He rapidly became known as the world’s oldest marathon runner, having finished his first race at the age of 89. He has now run 9 additional marathons, including the London Marathon at the age of 100.He set a new world record for the oldest marathon runner when he ran the Hong Kong Marathon in 1:32:28 in 2012.Fauja Singh is a role model for people of all ages, demonstrating that it is never too late to begin living a healthy and active lifestyle.
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