Young Asian Man Disguised as Elderly Caucasian Man Raises Flight Staff Suspicion

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Written By Henry Dalziel

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A young man dressed as an elderly Caucasian man boarded a Hong Kong-Vancouver flight. When the flight crew noticed his young hands, they grew suspicious. It’s unclear how he got through security wearing this disguise.This is not the first time someone has attempted to board a flight under false pretences. In 2010, a man disguised himself as an elderly white man and attempted to board an aircraft from New York to Mumbai. After security spotted his young hands, he was apprehended.There have been previous instances of persons attempting to board flights under false pretences. In 2012, a man pretended to be a member of the British royal family in order to board an aircraft from London to New York. He was apprehended after security discovered his false ID.It is unclear why the individual in this recent case attempted to board the aeroplane under a phoney name. He may have been attempting to escape notice by officials. It’s also possible that he was attempting to save money by exploiting an elderly person’s discount. Whatever the reason, he was apprehended and is now facing charges. This just goes to illustrate that you can’t always fool everyone.
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