1000 Iron Man S6 Phones: Only in South Korea, China, Hong Kong

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Written By Henry Dalziel

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When Samsung and Marvel collaborated to release a limited edition Iron Man Galaxy S6 phone, they had no idea that the phone would become so popular. In fact, they had no notion that the phone would even be released. The mobile phone could only be purchased in South Korea, China, and Hong Kong, and only a thousand of them were produced in total. It would appear that someone has listed the serial number 0001 for sale on eBay at this time.Iron Man’s logo is printed on the back of the phone, which has a body that is composed of metal and is red and gold in color. A unique Iron Man case and a wireless charger in the style of an arc reactor are included in the package.Any person who enjoys the Iron Man franchise absolutely needs to get this phone, as it is destined to become a collector’s item. If you have the good fortune to get your hands on one of these phones, you will be the object of jealousy for all of your other pals.
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