$58M ‘Singing Bird’ Pistols Auction in HK (Video)

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Written By Henry Dalziel

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At a recent auction in Hong Kong, a pair of ‘Singing Bird’ pistols from 1820 brought in a total of $5.8 million US. These flintlock duelling pistols were crafted in Switzerland by the well-known gunsmith Jean Samuel Pauly. They were purchased as a matched pair. They are considered to be among the greatest handguns in the world, and their prices reflect this reputation. The pistols, which were designed specifically for the Chinese market and ornamented with images of birds and flowers, were manufactured in China. The mechanism that generates a tweeting sound when the trigger is pulled gives these handguns their nickname of ‘Singing Bird’ pistols. During the auction that was hosted by Sotheby’s in Hong Kong, the handguns were sold by a private collector to a buyer who wished to remain unknown.
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