24:01 To 25:59: Business Hours in UK, Japan, HK & China

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In the United Kingdom, time-of-day notations that go beyond 24:00 (such as 24:01 or 25:59) have been used on occasion in some exceptional settings where business hours stretch after midnight. Notations that are very similar to those used in China, Hong Kong, and Japan are sometimes employed in certain contexts.In timetables and other schedules, you might see the time displayed as 24:00:00 or 25:59:59, particularly in cases when transportation services continue to operate until midnight. In these circumstances, the day will begin anew at midnight, despite the fact that the time displayed on the timetable will remain unchanged. People who are not accustomed to this could find it difficult to understand.To avoid any confusion, the time may be written as 24:00 or 25:59 in certain instances. For instance, if a flight is scheduled to take off at 00:05 on a particular day, it is not obvious if this indicates that the flight will take off at 00:05 the day before or on the day itself. In this particular scenario, utilizing 24:00 or 25:59 on the day before helps avoid any confusion that may arise.In addition, there are a few circumstances in which 24:00 or 25:59 might be used for exceptional events that take place just once a year. For instance, the end of the year can be referred to as the moment when the clock strikes midnight on December 31 in the United Kingdom.Notations for the time of day that are used after 24:00 are not standardized, and there is no universally accepted method for doing so. It is highly recommended that you stay away from utilizing such notations whenever possible in order to avoid any confusion.
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