Culturally-Specific Anorexia in Hong Kong: Bloated Stomachs, Not Obesity

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Anorexia nervosa is a type of eating disorder that is characterized by an extreme fear of gaining weight as well as a distorted perception of the body. People who suffer from anorexia nervosa frequently control their weight loss efforts by severely limiting the amount of food they consume and engaging in excessive physical activity.bloated stomach anorexia nervosa is the name given to a subtype of anorexia nervosa that is endemic to Hong Kong and has its roots in the local culture. Patients who have this version of the illness frequently report of experiencing bloating and discomfort, even if they do not meet the criteria for being obese. They could go on a diet on purpose and cut back on the amount of food they eat in order to prevent the uncomfortable sensation of being bloated.In Chinese culture, having a healthy amount of gas has always been seen as a sign of success and vitality. People used to believe that if a person’s stomach was bloated, it meant that they had a healthy digestive system and that they were well-nourished. Nonetheless, over the past several years, the Western ideal of a thin body has been increasingly widespread in Hong Kong, leading to a change in attitudes about bloating. This change in attitude can be attributed to the rise of the thinspo movement.People who suffer from the eating disorder anorexia nervosa frequently experience feelings of embarrassment and humiliation due to their illness. Because of the social stigma that is associated with eating disorders, they might be reluctant to seek help. However, treatment is available, and it has the potential to be quite successful.
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