Ed Snowden’s Clever Use of Soy Sauce to Protect His Hotel Room

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Written By Henry Dalziel

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When Edward Snowden fled to Hong Kong, he employed soy sauce as a security measure in his hotel room to make sure no one entered without his knowledge. On the paper was a mark that looked like it had been made with soy sauce. The design on the paper would be disrupted whenever a new person entered the room because the water would drip down upon it.The use of soy sauce as a condiment dates back thousands of years to ancient China and is used in a wide variety of Asian dishes today. It imparts a distinctive flavor to food, and its production involves the fermentation of soybeans.The fact that Snowden uses soy sauce to conceal his identity is a creative way to make use of a commodity that is found in most homes. He was able to devise a straightforward yet efficient method of protection by making use of something that was not only easily accessible but also very affordable.This narrative serves as a reminder of Snowden’s resourcefulness and his dedication to protecting his information. It also brings to light the significance of maintaining one’s privacy, even in the unlikeliest of settings.
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