Japanese Hong Kong Girls First To Live To 2100: 2013 Milestone

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In 2013, Japanese and Hong Kong newborn females became the first countries and genders to expect to live to see the year 2100 on average. This is attributable to a number of causes, including developments in medical research and technology, improvements in public health and nutrition, and greater access to high-quality treatment.Women have traditionally lived shorter lives than men. However, the gender gap has been closing in recent years as women have benefited from the same improvements in medical research and technology that have enabled males to live longer lives. Women in Japan and Hong Kong became the first to close the gender gap in 2013, with life expectancy rates of 86.7 and 86.8 years, respectively.Women’s higher life expectancy is good news for public health since they are more likely than males to seek preventive care and adhere to medical recommendations. Women are also more likely than men to take care of their own health and lead a healthy lifestyle.Women’s greater life expectancy is also good news for the economy because they live longer than men and are more inclined to work. Women made up nearly half of the worldwide workforce in 2013, and their involvement is anticipated to rise further.Women’s higher life expectancy benefits families and communities because women are more likely to be involved in caregiving and to provide support to their family and friends.Women’s increased life expectancy is a positive development for society as a whole, and it is anticipated that this trend will continue in the coming years.
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