Mugabe Daughter’s Secret Accounting Degree at CityU Revealed at Graduation

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Grace Mugabe, daughter of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, studied at City University in Hong Kong using a false name in the year 1996. Grace Mugabe is also a politician. She studied accounting for a total of three years before finally revealing her true identity upon graduating.Although she did so under a fictitious name, Mugabe’s daughter is not the only one in the Mugabe family to have pursued higher education outside of Zimbabwe. In recent years, authorities have apprehended a number of rich Chinese students who were studying in the United States and other Western countries while using forged passports.Those who engage in such dishonesty do so for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is the aspiration to sidestep the cutthroat rivalry that exists for admission to China’s most prestigious colleges. Given the problematic nature of her father’s political position, it has been hypothesised that Grace Mugabe’s father may have wished for her to maintain a low profile during her lifetime.Regardless of the reasons behind the trend, it demonstrates how far some individuals are willing to go in order to obtain a high-quality education. Because having a degree is becoming increasingly important, it is highly possible that this pattern will remain prevalent in the years to come.
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