Perdue Farms’ Surprising Export: 300,000 Tons of Chicken Paws to China & Hong Kong

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Written By Henry Dalziel

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One of the largest chicken producers in the United States is called Perdue Farms. Every year, the company sends around 300,000 metric tons of chicken paws to China and Hong Kong as part of its export business.Chicken paws are considered a delicacy throughout China as well as Hong Kong. They are typically prepared by simmering them in soup or stir-frying them.Over the past twenty years, Perdue Farms has been successfully marketing chicken paws in the Chinese and Hong Kong markets. According to the company, there is an increasing demand for chicken paws in these different countries.In the United States, the most significant exporter of chicken paws is a company called Perdue Farms. The business claims that it ships chicken paws to more than 30 different countries around the world.There is a good chance that Perdue Farms would have to close its doors if it were not for the lucrative international market for chicken paws. The success of the company is directly tied to its ability to sell chicken paws on the international market.
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