In 1892 The Entire Hong Kong National Cricket Team Died In A Shipwreck Off Taiwan

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In 1892, a shipwreck off Taiwan claimed the lives of the entire Hong Kong national cricket squad. The team’s ship collided with a typhoon while en route to Japan to play a series of matches, and it capsized. The team’s 16 members perished through drowning.Given that the squad was one of the best in the area, this was a severe blow to the game of cricket in Hong Kong. Cricket had only recently—in 1841—been brought to the colony, but it had already become quite well-liked. The Hong Kong Cricket Club was established in 1851, and the first game that was officially documented took place in 1854.Cricket in Hong Kong declined with the sad demise of the national squad in 1892. The game didn’t start to acquire popularity again until the early 20th century, in part because of the initiatives of British expatriates residing in the colony.Cricket is once again a well-liked sport in Hong Kong nowadays. The colony’s domestic cricket league was established in 1953 by the founding of the Hong Kong Cricket Association. In recent years, the Hong Kong national squad has also achieved success, earning spots in the ICC World Twenty20 in 2014 and 2016.
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