There’s A Database Of Haunted Houses In Hong Kong

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There is a list of haunted residences in Hong Kong that may be found in a database. These are purportedly haunted homes, where spirits or other extraterrestrial beings are claimed to make their homes. The Hong Kong Paranormal Society is the organization that keeps the database updated, and it now has details on more than 200 haunted houses located within the city.The society’s inception date was in 2006, and its members are all unpaid volunteers who look into accounts of alleged supernatural occurrences. They investigate using a range of approaches, such as interviews, research, and investigations conducted directly on the premises.Over two hundred people have reported seeing ghosts in Hong Kong homes, and the society has looked into all of them. They have been successful in many instances in discovering a logical justification for the behavior in question. However, there are some situations for which they have been unable to develop a rational justification or explanation.The Queen’s Pier, the Kowloon Walled City, and the Lei Yue Mun Fort are considered to be some of the most well-known haunted houses in all of Hong Kong. It is thought that the souls of those who perished in these places, be they soldiers, sailors, or local citizens, continue to haunt these areas.The Hong Kong Paranormal Society is an excellent resource for individuals who have an interest in gaining additional knowledge regarding the paranormal. They provide many different services, like as investigations, instructional seminars, and tours of haunted areas.
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