Qantas Blackmailed in 1971: Anonymous Tip Leads to Conviction, $224K Unrecovered

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In 1971, a man who claimed to have planted a bomb on an aircraft to Hong Kong was successful in extorting $500,000 from QANTAS Airlines. The man was only apprehended by the police as a result of an anonymous tip. The lost $224,000 was never found.The unidentified man wrote a letter to the airline outlining his requests. He demanded $50,000 or he would blow off a bomb on one of their aircraft. The police were notified right away by QANTAS, who launched an inquiry.The man was not apprehended, however, and the authorities were unable to locate any indication of a device. Although the airline paid the ransom in the end, $224,000 of the money was never found.Eventually, the individual was apprehended thanks to an anonymous tip. He was given a 10-year prison term, but he barely served two.This instance emphasises how crucial it is to exercise caution when it comes to security. It also serves as a reminder that thieves may target even the most well-known and reputable businesses.
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