Toronto Officer’s Father Was Hong Kong Cop

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The father of a Toronto police officer who apprehended a suspect in the city’s recent mass shooting was a Hong Kong police officer. The suspect’s father is also a Hong Kong police officer.This isn’t the first time a Toronto cop has had a connection to Hong Kong. Julian Fantino, then-Chief of Police in Toronto, came to Hong Kong in 1998 to meet with then-Commissioner of Police Tsang Yam-pui.Fantino, currently the Minister of Veterans Affairs, was cited in the Toronto Star at the time as saying he was impressed with the professionalism of the Hong Kong police force.Tsang was also reported in the article as saying that the Toronto police department was one of the best in the world.The suspect in the recent mass shooting’s father is a Hong Kong police officer, as is the father of the Toronto cop who caught him. This isn’t the first time a Toronto cop has had a tie to Hong Kong.
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